The first race in the NEO Endurance series was a great success for our little team. We finished on the second place, which far exceeded our expectations. Karl qualified the car 7’Th in an extremely close qualification.

The race was started and Karl and Dave was able to work their way up through the class and after some 3 hours, I took over the car in second place. From here, I just focused on bringing the car safely home. On the last lap of my stint, I was overtaken, and thus we were down in third.

However, the two PRO guys took over from here and in the dying minutes of the race, we were able to regain the second place after 6 hours of exciting multiclass racing.

Here is a link to the Dart Frogs directors cut version of the 6-hour coverage by Racespot boiled down to 47 minutes.

Final results:

Sebring Results - GTC Class