February 15 was not a good race day for The Dart Frogs. We qualified for P4, but a procedural mistake during gridding lead to the fact that we should start from the pits. After doing a super fast double-stint, Dave was able to bring us from dead last all the way back up to P4 after 2 hours of hard work. He handed over the car to me. After a few laps, I was hit by a combination of a somewhat “optimistic” HPD driver and net-code issues. This sends me straight into the concrete wall. At this point, the car was drivable but also very slow. A few more laps later after being hit by 2 Ruf’s and a second HPD, it was game over! 2 hours and 15 minutes into the 6 hours race. This meant zero points for this event of the NEO Endurance Series. The season podium finish suddenly seemed very far away.