On November 4, the last race in the 2018 Majors Series took place. After 14 races, the final scores were added up and I am very proud of being the winner of “European Legends Division”. This is the ranking of Old Boys drivers. Main reason for winning this series, was mostly because I participated in every of the 14 races. Some of the other guys are defiantly very fast. But then again – numbers does not lie laughing

Final ranking for season 2018 of European Legends Division:

  1. Jan Bronee                 
  2. Matthias Huebl
  3. Markus Papenbrock
  4. Francisco Javier Gutierrez
  5. Ian Robson                                       
  6. Enric Campillo
  7. Franco Scuri                              
  8. Rolf Just              
  9. Ignacio Hurtado
  10. Juan E Peña Hidalgo

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