On January 15, the Dart Frogs Racing Team donated to and also participated in a 12-hour charity race to raise money to Macmillan cancer support in UK. The virtual race took place at Silverstone Circuit with a grid of 24 GT3-class cars. The event, hosted by Missed Apex Podcast, managed to raise GBP 5.000 laughing

The team roaster on this occasion was:
- Bjarke Seit
- Mathias Jensen
- Peter Tong
- Jan Bronée

The race was fun and exceptionally clean, since it was a single class field. Therefore, we did not need to manage cars with huge speed-differences. After almost 12 hours of the race, we were running P9, but P8 and P7 was less than 50 seconds in front!

We took a fuel saving approach during the very last part of the race and managed to skip a pitstop and move to P7. But on the very last laps we could not defend the position due to fuel limitation which forced us to fall back to P8.

Team-driver of the day: Peter Tong - he was on fire (and so was his tires)!